Webcam Prerow Ostsee

The webcam in Prerow is mounted on the DLRG (lifeguard) main tower directly on the beach at the pier, facing north-west to the pier Prerow and the Baltic Sea. This beach is a well-known and popular spot for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Weather Station Prerow Baltic Sea

In the foreground you can see the dune, the beach and on the right the pier of Prerow. Further to the left you can see the sports beach and the Prerow bay. The weather station was mounted on the pier about 280m from the shore. The location allows a much more accurate wind measurement than on land. Air temperature, humidity, wind and precipitation are measured. The measured values are displayed directly in the webcam image.

Water temperature Prerow Baltic Sea

The water temperature sensor is about 180m away from the shore, also mounted on the sea bridge and measures the water temperature of the Baltic Sea in 1m water depth. The current water temperature is also displayed in the webcam image.

Webcam Prerow OstseeWebcam Prerow OstseeWebcam Prerow Ostsee